Ms. Pearson's Future Library

This blog is my personal resource for all the books i would love to include in my future classroom.


Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke - Pamela Duncan Edwards, Henry Cole

Five foxes are left to fend for themselves while their mother takes a vacation. Four of them go hunt throughout the night, but fail each time. Meanwhile, the fifth, Fosdyke, is cooking away in the kitchen. At the end, the four foxes join their brother for a feast, realizing he was right, "a fox is a fox, whatever the food."

This book could be used to show alliteration at its finest. I would read it to third or fourth graders while they learn about alliteration. It could be a fun "end of a unit" type book, or just an extended example. They could, then, each pick a letter and create a story with the majority of words beginning with that letter. We could then "publish" them for everyone to enjoy. It is also a lovely story about one fox focusing on his talent, and then his siblings come to realize they truly do need Fosdyke's expertise.